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"Your art draws me in, joy fills my heart and a smile spreads across my face as I realize I'm breathing more deeply. The pieces touch me and soothe my soul.  When I awake and see "Music Only She Can Hear" my heart smiles and I breathe fully.  Your other pieces of soulful art also take me to a special place as I gaze and reflect.  Such joy!"  - Gini K.


"I was attracted to Dana's art because of it's vibrant colors and modern style.  The most unique thing about Dana's art is the texture. She has a way with using different textures which really bring her art to life.  Dana's art really speaks to me and it has been a great addition to my home. The art is always a great conversation piece!  The colors and textures really stand out and were just the pop I needed to finish my room. When I look upon her art it brings me joy."  - Melissa E.


"I was attracted to Dana's painting "Oceana" because it took me to a time in my life when things were the hardest and how I now have been able to over come it! I love the colors and textures, they seem to move!  I love when the light shines on her just right and she seems to glow with strength and it makes me smile!" - Kellie D. 


"Your wonderful painting reminds me of my niece who is very special to me. It so touched my heart from the moment that I saw it. So grateful." - Carrie S.